The Mission

1000 Missionary Movement, Silang, Cavite

~ How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. Psalms 133:1 

#happysabbath #flashbackfriday to when I went to one of my “someplaces to go.” Indeed this place has an unruffled quietude.

Missionaries are no longer new to me. Seems like they occupy a space in my heart since I spent my younger days being acquainted with those enthusiastic members from our 1000 Missionary Movement (of the Seventh-Day Adventists.) Some of them stayed at home as their temporary shelter while they strove to undertake God’s work. Few of them became my friends during my childhood up to my teenage years. Where are they now, whutcha think? 樂

May God use not only them but each believer, to finish the mission He has started. 

Your Shoefie-ness

~ I adore pretty shoes as much as I love dainty clothes. I got this one in “dirty-white” while my sister wears the one in mustard and my brother-in-law in his dark-brown tick-tacks. Shopee Philippines rocks! 🤘😁

It was last month when my sister gave this pair to me for a job interview. I am the one who persuaded her to wear shoes since she is more fond of wearing sandals and slippers. She prefers the pointy ones because it makes her feel comfy.

Just for you to know, 80% of my self-confidence depends on how comfortable is my footwear I am presenting outdoors. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It must be on good quality that I may be able to hit the runway confidently.

As we continue to traverse in this one dainty life, let us just enjoy our walks-in-the-park and be always ready of those run-alongs! 💕👞👟🥾🥿👠👡👢💕

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